“Thanks to Thriive Project, Vinh Ha has become what it is today”

These were words of gratitude from Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai, Director of Vinh Ha Safe Food Production and Trading Joint Stock Company after she received support from the Thriive Project of the University of Economics – VNU to borrow money and develop her safe vegetables business into what it is today.


As part of the plan to repay the loan to Thriive project, on May 11th, Thriive’s Board of Coordinators and Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai visited and reviewed the situation of producing safe vegetable at nearly 30 farming households in Minh Tan commune, Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi. The delegation was welcomed by farmers to whom Vinh Ha Company had supplied seeds and taught techniques of growing safe vegetables. They were happy to show the delegation their agricultural products.

Ms. Mai and farmers

Previously, Thriive Hanoi gave loans to Vinh Ha to help it develop its safe vegetable production. When the company went into stable operation, it returned the loan to the community by providing vocational training and supplying seeds.

Nguyen Thi Mai used to have an office job but her love for the countryside, particularly the idea of producing safe products to serve her society drove Mai to the decision of leaving her current job to launch a farm at her hometown. But what she needed the most to start a business was capital. She could not manage to get enough money to expand production. At her most difficult time, Mai got to know about Thriive Hanoi via Facebook. She submitted her applications in 2016.

Farmers’ smiles
With Thriive’s help, Vinh Ha borrowed money and sought outputs for her products, then the business stabilized and made good profits. As a part of the plan to repay loans, Ms. Mai worked with Thriive’s Board of Coordinators to provide seeds, technical training and ensure outputs for farmers in Minh Tan Commune for the past one year. The farmers’ products are taken to restaurants in Hanoi, one of which is Tâm An Lạc vegetarian restaurant at 70 Ly Thuong Kiet.
At Tâm An Lạc vegetarian restaurant  

Since enterprises came to Minh Tan to support its residents, the economic structure of this commune has witnessed significant changes. Previously, Minh Tan was also an agricultural land but its residents were self-sufficient and their vegetable was not really safe. Under the guidance of Vinh Ha, farmers were encouraged to plant other varieties of vegetable such as silk squash, zucchini, long calabash; using organic fertilizer decomposed from manure; using insecticide made from chili and garlic. Vinh Ha takes total care of the output for Minh Tan’s agricultural products. This has brought new flow of vitality to this low-land area and brightened farmers’ faces with smiles.

Ms. Mai spoke in emotion that helping Minh Tan’s farmers was not only within the plan to repay Thriive, but also to pay gratitude to her homeland. Thanks to Thriive project, many poor households escaped from poverty and got a stable life. Vinh Ha feels happy as it has made a modest contribution to this meaningful project of the University of Economics – VNU. In the future, Vinh Ha will continue to accompany residents in Phu Xuyen district and assist them to produce safe vegetables. It is our wish that all households become well-off.

Source: http://ueb.edu.vn

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